[Explanation] The 2021 Spring Festival Transport Festival will officially kick off on January 28.

Recently, the news of "some trains suspended" appeared on Weibo hot search.

According to mobile phone screenshots released by netizens, 12306 sent him a text message reminding him that the train he had purchased was "stopped for some reason" and reminding him to go through the refund procedures within the specified time.

Ms. Shao, who works in Nanjing, encountered this situation twice in a row.

  [Concurrent] Traveler Ms. Shao

  I bought this ticket about 20 days ago. I bought a ticket from Nanjing to Yantai, but I received a text message from the railway at three o’clock yesterday afternoon, saying that my ticket was refunded, and then I hurriedly I bought a ticket for another train and said that the car had also been refunded after 5 o'clock, so I bought only one high-speed rail ticket.

  [Commentary] In this regard, a reporter from China News Service contacted 12306 customer service staff.

According to the customer service staff, the relevant departments have not notified the reason for the suspension of the train, and the current suspension is generally caused by the epidemic.

  [Concurrent] 12306 customer service staff

  I didn't explain the reason to us, but most of the suspensions are due to the epidemic.

  [Explanation] According to information released by the China National Railway Group, during the Spring Festival travel season in 2021, the national railway passenger flow during the Spring Festival travel season will be reduced to 296 million passengers.

On the afternoon of the 27th, the reporter saw at Beijing West Railway Station that only part of the windows were opened in the north ticketing hall of the station, and passengers who came to buy tickets basically did not have to queue.

  [Concurrent] Wang Jian, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Passenger Transport Workshop of Beijing West Railway Station

  Affected by the epidemic, the passenger flow during the Spring Festival this year will be lower than in previous years. Beijing West Railway Station is expected to send 2.035 million passengers, with an average daily sending of 51,000 passengers, a decrease of 43% compared to the same period last year, of which the number of passengers sent 15 days before the holiday is 910,000 people.

  [Explanation] The domestic civil aviation industry has also encountered a similar situation.

According to data from Ctrip, the average price of air tickets during the Spring Festival in 2021 is 689 yuan, and the price of return air tickets in many parts of the country is on a downward trend.

Among the popular routes during the Spring Festival, the prices of economy class air tickets on return routes from Beijing to Shanghai and Guangzhou to Hangzhou are even lower than the prices of second-class seats on high-speed rail and high-speed trains.

  [Explanation] According to the relevant person in charge of China United Airlines, in the past, as the Spring Festival approached, ticket sales became more and more in demand, and the average ticket price level was also continuously increased. During the Spring Festival in 2021, the ticket price appeared "Fall" phenomenon.

  [Concurrent] Feng Xuhang, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department of China United Airlines

  Based on the quarter-on-quarter data, the price of Spring Festival transport flights began to plunge sharply before New Year's Day, and some of them are almost cut in half, compared with before New Year's Day.

The second is from the year-on-year sales data, the week before the Spring Festival travel last year, the entire average ticket price for this week dropped by nearly 40% year-on-year, a trend of "both volume and price falling".

  [Explanation] According to Feng Xuhang’s analysis, from the perspective of supply and demand, on the one hand, many passengers choose to spend the New Year in the local area and cancel their homecoming trips, and the demand for civil aviation travel is greatly reduced; on the other hand, a large number of international flight capacity is transferred to the domestic market, making domestic capacity relatively sufficient .

  [Concurrent] Feng Xuhang, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Department of China United Airlines

  Compared with previous years, our domestic capacity has increased a little, and the relative supply is relatively sufficient. At the same time, because the demand is declining, the overall market is relatively sluggish, and the fare level has not risen.

  [Explanation] From "difficult to find a ticket" to "quantity and price fall", in the case of both railway and civil aviation passenger flow declining, the Spring Festival transport in 2021 may be exceptionally deserted.

  Reporter Liu Chao reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Zhang Aolin]