The Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot (behind the mask).


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Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot wants to achieve "a comprehensive plan" to fight against sexual and gender-based violence in the cultural sector, she said in an interview with AFP.

"We can hope that the word will be released but the pressure on the victims is enormous," said Roselyne Bachelot, recalling that in the artistic community in particular, "the competition is strong" and "the proximity created by the exercise of art can lead to behavior that is at best inappropriate, at worst criminal ”.

A week ago, the National Music Center (CNM) created in 2020 under the supervision of the ministry to support musical and variety show companies, announced that it now made its aid conditional on compliance with a prevention and reporting of violence.

A protocol for preventing and reporting violence

The musical structures must thus train the management and the employees, appoint general referents but also specific referents for each targeted production of situations of a sexual nature, failing which the aid paid by the CNM would be suspended.

The CNM is following in the footsteps of the National Cinema Center (CNC) which had taken similar measures in 2019 following the resounding affair of Adèle Haenel.

For the Minister of Culture, the idea is to come up with a “comprehensive plan” to fight against sexual and gender-based violence throughout the cultural milieu.

It intends to work on an adapted protocol with the National Book Center (CNL).

Since taking office in the summer of 2020, the Minister of Culture has made three reports to the public prosecutor, including that of the soprano Chloé Briot who filed a complaint against a colleague for sexual assault during a production of 'opera.

She is preparing to do a fourth.


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