The winning works of the "Salaryman Senryu Contest", which sang the true intentions of the world and workers with plenty of humor, were announced, and 100 works were selected, including those that sang the changes in working styles and lives due to the corona wreck.

At the 34th "Salaryman Senryu Contest", Dai-ichi Life, a major life insurance company, solicited works, and 100 works selected from 62,542 phrases were announced on the 27th.

This time, we received a lot of poems about working styles that changed due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

▽ Telework Knowing a different father (Aki Akino)

▽ Lower body in pajamas (King's ear)

▽ One piece of bran that "goes" Telework (commuting to work today)

▽ Telework Children's entry is

relaxed (Yomibo


▽ Telework The goodness of the company's chair (neck and shoulder storage) that I noticed has been selected.


▽ I can't breathe just by commuting once a week (Keeeeee)

▽ At home with my family after a long time (100% of my father

who came to work


▽ I noticed that going to work was an exercise (I love karaage), etc. The phrase that describes the changes that accompany work is also selected.

There are also phrases that incorporate "dense" and "distance".

▽ A word from the grandson


lifted him up (white crow)

▽ Corona sword is moderately distanced from his boss (Taketo Omai)

▽ I miss that secret The day will come (Memerin) and so on.

In the phrase about changes in daily life such as wearing a mask,

▽ Mask time saving technique for eye makeup finish (Mr. Kodaku)

▽ Dad's mask and conversation are often misaligned (Sagojo)

▽ Grandson's face The first time I see it is through a smartphone (

Mr. Kodaku)

Deredele Grandpa)

▽ Grandmothers who make noise about the placement as suspicious objects have been sent.

Yuka Kakimi of Dai-ichi Life, who was in charge of the salaryman Senryu, said, "There were many phrases that expressed the feelings of the real scene more straightforwardly. Everyone was confused because something they had never experienced. I feel that we have gathered things that we can sympathize with the confusion. "

For the salaryman Senryu, a vote to decide the best 10 from the works selected this time will be held from the 27th, and the result will be announced in late May.