The restaurant was able to serve meals despite the orders of the police -

E. Martin / ANP / 20 Minutes

  • The Poppies, a brasserie in downtown Nice again welcomed customers illegally this Wednesday noon.

  • The manager Christophe Wilson advocates “civil disobedience” and invites “all restaurateurs in France to do the same”.

This Wednesday noon, after weeks of closure, the Poppies, a brasserie in downtown Nice, once again welcomed customers… illegally.

Chanting "resistance, resistance ..." while waiting to be served under the gaze of the police, nearly fifty people, without masks, seated on the covered terrace of the establishment, had responded to the manager's call.

With this openness, however prohibited by the government's anti-Covid-19 decrees, Christophe Wilson advocates “civil disobedience” and invites “all restaurateurs in France to do the same”.

“I talked about it around me.

For two or three days.

I sent messages on WhatsApp and people started to book, ”he explains, referring to conspiracy theories, readily taken up by these customers of the day.

"The pandemic, all that are lies," he said.

Gilles, seated at a table, is also convinced that "the hospitals are empty".

And he, like the others, is not "afraid of the fine".

“If that's the price of freedom, I'm ready to have it as many times as they want,” he explains.

"Gnocchi and beef stew or red lentils"

After a visit to the kitchens and repeated calls to evacuate the premises, the twenty or so police officers quickly disembarked on the spot did not use force.

At the stroke of 1:20 p.m., the dishes could even be served.

Single menu: "Gnocchi and beef stew or coral lentils for vegetarians", let loose the boss while the "money box" passed between the tables to allow him to settle a possible fine.

Already in the queue from 11:30 am, Magali and Marie-Pierre, installed with other friends, were entitled to the first blows of the fork.

The first "regularly goes to restaurants in Monaco".

The second does the same "on the other side of the border, in Italy" and "would like to be able to have a real normal life everywhere".

Christophe Wilson, he already wants to offer other services.

At the stroke of 1:50 p.m., the police had left, apparently without issuing a ticket.


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