Onara revealed her relationship with MCs.

Actress Onara appeared as a tasting group in SBS'Alley Restaurant' that aired on the 27th.

On this day's broadcast, Oh Nara was amazed by saying, "Even though I don't have a strong relationship with the three people, everyone is tinkering."

As a result, Baek Jong-won and Kim Seong-ju were amazed, saying, "Do you have a relationship with us?"

Oh Nara said, "I did an advertisement with Inseon. I met him for the first time, and they chatted through so well, and then they followed social media. But they got so pretty."

Then Jung In-seon said, "That was just before the'golsik' came in," and Oh Na-ra praised him, "I think he received a lot of love."

In addition, Onara said, "In the case of Representative Baek, Ms. So and a high school alumni. I also chatted a lot because I had a good personality with Yujin."

And he said, "I really respect CEO Jong-won Baek. I am living by applying management philosophy and management mind to my life."

And Baek Jong-won asked what kind of relationship he was with Seong-ju Kim.

Then, Onara said, "It's about 2004, 5, when I was an announcer at M headquarters. These days, I only broadcast in warm places, but at that time I only wandered outside."

Next, Onara explained, "At the time, when I was doing a musical called'I Love You', I came to Yonkang Hall to report."

Then Seongju Kim said that he remembered that time, and the production crew released the broadcast video at that time.

The fresh appearance of 34-year-old Kim Seong-ju and 32-year-old Oh Nara attracted attention.

Having reunited after 16 years, Kim Seong-ju was amazed, "How do you remember it?"

In response, Onara said, "It was my first time seeing a broadcaster. It was my first interview in my life. I was so impressed that I saw it for the first time, so I kept watching it. But from some point, I grew up and became a tremendous person." 

(Editor of SBS Entertainment News Kim Hyo-jeong)