China News Service, Harbin, January 26 (Reporter Shi Yifu) On the 26th, the Information Office of the Heilongjiang Provincial Government held a series of press conferences on "Heilongjiang Province's Response to the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic". Currently, Wangkui County, Suihua City, the fourth round of national nucleic acid The test completes the sample collection work.

  At present, the four rounds of nucleic acid testing in Wangkui County, Suihua City have detected more than one million people. In order to ensure the effective and orderly implementation of nucleic acid testing, Wangkui County has taken a number of measures.

  The national nucleic acid test uses the public security household registration information as the denominator, through the household inspection + enterprise industrial and commercial household self-inspection + mass reporting + mobile random supervision and inspection, and further increase the accuracy and accuracy of the inspection, highlight the personnel inspection and inspection registration, and be flexible Using the seventh census data, migrant population registration data, and public security household registration data, through measures such as household inspections and encouragement of the masses to report, accurate personnel inspection and registration are performed to ensure that there are no dead ends in nucleic acid testing.