[Explanation] On January 26, at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia in Shanghai, Wu Jinglei, director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, announced that Shanghai had reported 2 local confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia from 0-24 on January 25. Case 1 lives in Huangpu District and is a close contact (marital relationship) of the confirmed case on January 23. She developed symptoms during the intensive isolation and observation period.

Case 2 lives in Changning District and is an accompanying family member of inpatients in the hospital. Closed-loop management has been implemented on January 20.

After consultation with the expert group, a confirmed case was diagnosed based on the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory test and imaging examination results.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jinglei, Director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission

  The relevant contacts of these two cases have implemented centralized quarantine observation. At the same time, we have carried out terminal disinfection measures on the places where these two cases have been active. I want to introduce case 2 again. He is in The confirmed cases found in the closed-loop management staff of the cancer hospital live in Changning. We use the joint prevention and control mechanism to investigate, circulate, sample and kill their residences and related places and personnel. At present, all relevant personnel and environmental samples are tested for nucleic acid The results are all negative.

  [Explanation] Regarding the general report of the unqualified samples found in Shanghai Red House Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital on January 25, Wu Jinglei explained that there are norms and standards for the collection, transportation, processing, and testing of any test samples. The hospital is in the process of testing. If the specimen is found to be unqualified, this is different from the suspicious test result. If the collected specimen is unqualified, the test cannot be performed.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jinglei, Director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission

  After we discovered that the specimen was unqualified yesterday, we re-sampling and re-checking, especially for accuracy, we conducted a parallel check. As a result, everyone had seen it yesterday and we responded to the concerns of the society in a timely manner.

  [Explanation] Facing the pressure of foreign defense import and the newly confirmed cases in the local area, Wu Jinglei said that Shanghai has strengthened the screening capabilities of fever clinics. The number of fever clinics has increased to 122, and the number of observation beds has reached more than 1,100, 92. Fever clinics are equipped with dedicated CT, and are equipped with nucleic acid detection equipment.

In addition, on the basis of the two designated hospitals, Shanghai has identified a number of reserve designated hospitals, reserves 8,000 beds, and established a public health incident treatment team composed of professionals in the respiratory department, infectious disease department, and critical care medicine department. Reinforce designated hospitals.

  Zhang Jianlinsen from Shanghai

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