Updated on Tuesday, 26 January 2021 - 01:25

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  • Plunder.

    The mastermind of Nazi plunder: an unscrupulous dealer who became a millionaire and found refuge in Spain

  • Unpublished.

    Alberto Camus: "There were many men, almost all Germans, a large number of Europeans and a few French, who believed in the genius of Adolf Hitler"

  • 2020. The best history books of the year

"A group of young heterodox scientists willing to manipulate science for the good of the Aryan nation". This is how

Eric Frattini


in the first pages

of Hitler's Scientists. History of the Ahnenerbe

(Espasa) what came to be called the Society for the Research and Teaching of German Ancestral Heritage, a department of the SS that eventually became one of the key pieces of Nazi propaganda. Its initial steps, a catalog of bizarre expeditions in search of

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