Teachers are mobilizing for their salaries and to alert on the health situation in schools -


Teachers are mobilizing this Tuesday.

The rate of strikers mobilized for their salaries and to warn about the health situation in schools, amounted to 11% according to the Ministry of Education and 30 to 40% according to the unions.

In the first degree, it stood at 11.72% and in the second degree, at 12.59%, according to a press release from the ministry.

The unions, for their part, reported higher strike rates.

It would be a third in the first degree, according to Snuipp-FSU, the first primary union.

In secondary education, the Snes-FSU, the leading union, estimated that 40% of teachers, CPE, PsyEN (national education psychologist), AED (education assistants), AESH (accompanying disabled students) are on strike today.

"Today, the mobilization is particularly important in college, big forgotten announcements of Jean-Michel Blanquer for months, in particular on the health plan", writes the Snes-FSU.


National Education staff, joined by school nurses but also high school students and students, are also called upon to mobilize in the streets throughout France to make their voices heard.

At the call of an inter-union composed in particular of the FSU, the CGT and the FO, parades must be held in Paris and in several other cities.

In the capital, the demonstration is due to leave Luxembourg at 1 p.m. to move towards rue de Grenelle, headquarters of the Ministry of National Education.


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