Chinanews client, Beijing, January 26 (Reporter Shangguanyun) If you want to travel on weekends, where would you choose to go?

In recent years, there have been more and more high-value, distinctive Internet celebrity bookstores, and they have become a place where young people are keen to visit.

  The "Report on China's Book Retail Market in 2020" published a few days ago shows that the scale of China's book retail market will experience negative growth for the first time in 2020.

Among them, online store channels maintained positive growth, and physical store channels were significantly affected by the epidemic, with a year-on-year decrease of 33.8%. 

  Bookstores make people's lives more cultural, and they have attracted attention.

In recent years, bookstores have been facing the pressure of transformation, and some people have also asked, is "high-profile" really beneficial to the survival of bookstores?

In the Internet celebrity bookstore, will books become "props" for taking pictures?

What is "Internet Red Bookstore"

  Open some consumer review apps and enter the keyword "net celebrity bookstore", and many search results will pop up.

Data map: In the business district of Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, a bookstore has a very unique design, which attracts many people to come and play.

Photo by Chen Chao

  Look carefully, and many of the bookstores that can be included in the ranks of "net celebrities" have high-value and design sense.

For example, Yanjiyou, Nanjing Pioneer Bookstore, Zhongshuge, etc., many readers are happy to visit.

  Some bookstores have certain characteristics.

Previously, there was a second-hand bookstore in Yuzhong District, Chongqing: only more than ten square meters of storefront filled with various books, both literary and "nostalgic", attracted many young people to come to check-in, turned into an "net red shop."

  The bookstore design expert Sanshi summarized several characteristics of the current "net celebrity bookstore": one is the visuality that meets the current aesthetic needs, and the other is the immersion of the reading space layout and display.

  "The third is the unique storytelling of the bookstore theme, and the fourth is the individualized activity and service. However, from now on, most so-called Internet celebrity bookstores tend to emphasize the first two characteristics, and the story and service are not strong. "He said.

  Feng Xiaohui, manager of the open-book research and consulting department, believes that some of the characteristics of current "net celebrities" can basically be applied to online celebrity bookstores, but the specific definition cannot be directly given at present. "They can be said to be normal bookstores in the development of the era. product."

Why do people want to go shopping?

  It is undeniable that "net celebrity bookstores" are becoming more and more common in people's lives. From time to time, someone will share online celebrity literature and art bookstores' check-in strategies.

Bookstores are also given more social attributes to a certain extent.

Data map: Citizens come to "Zhongshuge", an online celebrity bookstore in Xidan, Beijing, to cool off and recharge.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Sudan

  "I like to go to Internet celebrity bookstores, sometimes to pass the time and flip through the books; sometimes to satisfy curiosity and want to see what the characteristics are." A post-80s reader admitted that the beauty of the bookstore is one of the reasons for her attraction , "I will also take pictures and send souvenirs and recommend them to others."

  Mo Mo works in a certain company and likes to read paper books. If he has an hour off at noon, he will also go to the bookstore to read and take notes quietly. “There is a Sisyphus near the unit, so it is more convenient to go shopping.”

  "I will not take the initiative to visit the Internet celebrity bookstores recommended on the Internet, but when I happen to pass by, I will check it out, or go with my friends, and I will also take pictures at the bookstore and check in as a souvenir." She admitted that if the experience is good, I will do it again. Go reading, or enjoy the environment there.

Will books become "photographic props"?

  The above-mentioned readers’ feelings are not isolated cases. There are many “Internet celebrity bookstores” in China that have become popular places to check in, but almost all cannot escape a follow-up question: Are there more people taking photos than buying books?

  When some readers go to Internet celebrity bookstores, they often take photos of the bookstore, or even put on a look like holding a book for reading.

An article mentioned that punching in "net celebrity bookstores" has become an urban tourism project for some people.

  And some readers who are keen on taking pictures may also give others a bad reading experience.

Someone once complained, begging the Internet celebrity sisters to release a well-known bookstore, "You can take a few pictures, don't take up the aisle and styling."

  “I go to bookstores relatively rarely, and the general goal of what books I want to read is very clear. Direct online shopping will arrive the next day.” Due to work reasons, Zhu Wei often deals with books. She does not deny the attractive characteristics of Internet celebrity bookstores. But I am not used to the atmosphere there.

  In her opinion, many Internet celebrity bookstores seem to have a comfortable environment, but they are a bit far from the book, and more are outside the book. "If I go to a bookstore, I also like to go to a simple bookstore to highlight the book itself. There is no extra atmosphere to interfere with book selection."

From consumer to "reader"

  All kinds of discussions on Internet celebrity bookstores have not ended yet.

Paying attention to decoration design and attracting readers with "appearance" is often regarded as a way of bookstore transformation.

  "With the development of online stores, consumers' book buying habits have undergone irreversible changes. Therefore, for a bookstore, does it have to sell books in a disciplined manner? It also needs to look at its positioning from the perspective of the customer group. "Feng Xiaohui said.

Data map: Citizens read a book while drinking coffee in a bookstore.

Photo by Yin Liqin

  She believes that the bookstore should organize and display the products in the store around the audience and customer groups, so that the bookstore can change from a space to a scene space that can meet the needs of the customer group.

But these transformations have little to do with whether they are "net celebrities".

  In fact, the bookstore has high appearance and exquisite design, which attracts readers to check in and take pictures, or sell coffee and simple meals. This does not conflict with the cultural connotation of the bookstore.

After the precipitation of time, the readers who are still paying attention to the book and knowledge remain, and those who come to "check in" may also fall in love with reading.

  Therefore, there is an article saying that when you see a young man taking a selfie with a scissors hand in an online celebrity bookstore, don't blindly follow the trend or secretly despise yourself.

Holding a heavy book, finding a clean place, sitting down and reading it quietly is the greatest significance of the existence of a bookstore.

(Mo Mo and Zhu Wei are pseudonyms) (End)