"Luis and Pablo's duel is coming to an end. You can't miss it. Next week, in



This is how Antena 3 announced the end of the confrontation that for months has kept the program's followers in suspense every afternoon.

Luis de Lama


Pablo Díaz

will say goodbye to



Little is known about how the incredible duel of these two contestants will end.

The chain has not revealed much more and speculations happen because one of the two is eliminated in the so-called blue chair at each start of the program or that one of the two gets the long-awaited pot that

Pasapalabra has

not delivered

for so long


A drought that could end this same if it is finally one of them who manages to take it away or if one of the two is eliminated.

A jackpot that can

already accumulates 1,144,000 euros

And it is that the duels between



Pablo are

already part not only of the history of the program but also of the history of television.

Both of them have become two of the most competitive and tough contestants to ever come through the show.

On the one hand,

Pablo Díaz

accumulates more 146 programs, while

Luis de Lama

already has 83. And in each of them leaving impressive duels and, above all, very even, which makes it very difficult to bet on either of the two. and assume that you win.

Pablo Díaz

arrived in


on June 26, 2020 and since then has accumulated prizes

worth 1,110,000 euros

, very close to the value of the jackpot.

By profession a violinist

Pablo Díaz

has touched the desired boat on several occasions, but without ever having conquered it.

Last week he fell, for example, to a single word.


Luis de Lama

, who already accumulates 83 programs, arrived in


on September 24, 2020. And despite having been in the program for less time than his partner, he has accumulated more money than him, 1,150,000.

Whatever the final outcome of the duel between the two, there is no doubt that the departure of either of them will leave a huge void in


, the program that has become the audience leader in the afternoons and that gathers every day more fans, in part, thanks to the mastery of both contestants.

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