Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected research by opposition politician Alexei Navalny's team into his alleged luxury palace on the Black Sea coast.

"None of what is listed here as my property belongs to me or my close relatives, and it never has," Putin said on Monday during a video conversation with students.

Navalny's employees had published a video researching abuse of office and evasion of public funds in Russia.

The allegations were directed against Vladimir Putin, who had a super-expensive secret palace built in Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast.

Under the title “A palace for Putin.

The story of the greatest bribery ”, Nawalny's employees posted an almost two-hour YouTube video that the Kremlin opponents had recorded in Germany.

In it he accuses the Russian head of state of having built a "kingdom" for himself for 100 billion rubles (1.1 billion euros).

View of Putin's alleged palace: Navalny's team has published a two-hour video with photos and documents

Source: AP


Despite the arrest of thousands of people during demonstrations critical of the government over the weekend, the Russian opposition is persistent: Allies of the detained Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny have called for renewed demonstrations on Sunday.


January, noon.

All cities of Russia.

For Nawalny's release.

For everyone's freedom.

For justice, ”tweeted Navalny confidante Leonid Volkov on Monday.

Navalny has been in a maximum security prison in Moscow for about a week.

He had been arrested in the Russian capital immediately after his return from Germany, where he had been treated after a poison attack in August.