After the success of BFMTV's documentary series on Jonathan Daval, the channel will repeat the experience.

Marc-Olivier Fogiel, general manager of BFMTV, is the guest of "Culture Médias" on Monday.

He explains in particular that the next documentary series of the channel will be devoted to the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès affair.


With an average of 1.1 million viewers over the four episodes, BFMTV's first home-made documentary, devoted to the Daval affair and broadcast at the end of 2019, was a success.

The channel plans to repeat the experience.

Its managing director, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, is already unveiling on Europe 1 the theme of the channel's next documentary series, on the occasion of his invitation to the 

Culture Médias program


This time again, it is a matter which fascinated the French that will be explored.

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"We are going to make others", reveals Marc-Olivier Fogiel, about this documentary investigation in the form of a mini-series of 4 episodes of 26 minutes.

The following documentary series may soon be arriving on the air.

"The next investigation, which is in preparation, is on Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès", reveals the general manager.

A French and media passion

BFMTV is therefore betting again on a murder case and on a news item that has become a media passion.

But also a French passion.

In the summer of 2020,



had sold 400,000 copies of these two investigative issues devoted to this case. 

Suspected of having killed his wife and four children in Nantes in April 2011, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès has never been found, giving rise to numerous hypotheses about him.

Marc-Olivier Fogiel did not reveal the broadcast date of this new in-house survey of BFMTV.