Who is buying, what is buying, how to design and produce?

  What is the best toy for the elderly?

  Written in front: On the official Weibo of Guangming Daily, Guangmingzhiku launched a small survey entitled "What is the best toy for the elderly".

A total of 381 netizens participated in the voting.

Combined with the interview, we conducted a brief analysis.

  What kind of toys do the elderly like?

  On an e-commerce website, the top-selling old-age toys are traditional toys such as spinning tops, nine-links, fitness balls, and hand-operated mazes, and most of them do not exceed 20 yuan.

  According to a shopkeeper, the best-selling toys in the store are Kongming locks and Luban lock sets, with specifications ranging from 5 to 20 pieces.

  "I hope to play something that is not too difficult and interesting. It is best to combine it with the hobby when I was young. For example, when I was young, I liked to play table tennis. I was very happy when my child gave a racket and sneakers every New Year. "Uncle Xu, a citizen of Beijing, told reporters.

  Grandma Wang is a square dance fan.

"You can't dance together during the epidemic. If there is an electronic product that allows us to'dance with the clouds' at home, that would be great."

  There are also many elderly people who say that they only think about how to coax their grandchildren, take care of their children and family members. As for what kind of toys they can own, they "never thought about it."

  Who is buying toys for the elderly and what are they most inclined to buy?

  It can be found from the comment section of the online toy store for the elderly that the vast majority of toys for the elderly are children, children and grandchildren, as gifts for the elderly.

  What kind of toys are children most willing to buy for the elderly?

In the microblog survey initiated by Guangzhiku, a total of 381 netizens voted. 53.28% of netizens believe that interactive toys (chess and cards, etc.) are most suitable for the elderly, and parent-child and sports toys ranked second and third respectively.

  In the comment section of related articles on Guangming Daily's WeChat public account, many netizens shared their "little happiness" after buying small toys for the elderly at home.

Some netizens believe that toys should be age-matched and have more abundant forms; in the age of intelligence, some healthier and more intelligent electronic toys and smart devices should be developed for the elderly.

  Who is making toys for the elderly and how motivated?

  At present, the number of domestic toy stores for the elderly is limited.

Searching for "Elderly Toys" on the e-commerce website shows only a few franchise stores, and most of the remaining stores mainly sell children's toys and sports equipment.

There are generally very few types of toys in old-age toy stores, generally around 20-50 types, with a few exceeding one hundred.

  The owners of several elderly toy stores told reporters that compared with children's toys, the profit margins of elderly toys are much smaller. This has a lot to do with the notion that the elderly do not want to consume themselves and their children do not want to "spend money" for themselves.

  Currently, there is no domestic manufacturer that produces toys specifically for the elderly.

Several manufacturers of sporting goods and folk products in Yiwu said that toys such as spinning tops and rolling hoops are very popular among the elderly, especially in recent years.

"In keeping with this trend, we are also considering developing some products for the elderly." A bow and arrow manufacturer said that their bows and arrows and pitching pots are very popular with the elderly, and many people buy them home and play by themselves.

  A sports goods manufacturer in Dingzhou City, Hebei Province told reporters that more than three-quarters of the users of their stainless steel tops are elderly people.

"We are developing a new spinning top that can project animations. It can rotate for at least five or six minutes, which is more difficult and more interesting."

  What indicators should toys for the elderly possess and how to develop the market?

  What conditions must be met to design and produce toys for the elderly?

Song Delong, the owner of a toy store for the elderly, believes that the most important thing is to meet the physical and mental characteristics of the elderly, and does not necessarily need how "cool and fresh" functions.

"On the basis of ensuring the fun, it can reduce the difficulty and simplify the complexity of existing high-end toys. For example, the old version of electronic products and the simple version of assembled toys."

  The netizen "Makabaka's Trolley" posted the message on the Guangming Daily WeChat public account and received the highest number of likes.

"In the future, when I am old, I will be extremely happy when my child buys Ultraman for me-from a 24-year-old Ultraman who is not understood by people around him." Zhang Jin, a researcher at the China International Economic Exchange Center, believes this reflects People's consensus: To make toys for the elderly, we must adapt to the old people's nostalgia and familiarity, which is more appropriate than letting them learn new and unfamiliar things from scratch.

  Jin Enjing, founder of Kangyuxuan Sunhe Senior Apartment, pointed out that to strengthen the social attributes of toys, it is best to play with children, grandchildren, and friends of the same age.

In addition, the elderly population is relatively special, and more attention should be paid to the safety and reliability of products. The state should issue clear production standards.

  (Project team: our reporter Wang Simin, Chen Zhiyin, Li Xiao, Jiang Xinjun, our reporter Jiao Dewu)