Daft Punk at the Grammy Awards -


A DJ set that dates from the time when the duo performed without headphones!

Two old cassettes from 1995 accumulating nearly three hours of unpublished Daft Punk sound were found in a former club near Avignon, Le Privé.

This mix, recorded on November 18, 1995, was uploaded to YouTube, SoundCloud and MixCloud.

“My father Georges always told me about a tape recording of Daft Punk at the club, without ever being able to get his hands on it for 15 years.

We thought they were lost, ”said the son of the former club owner to Konbin, a site that spotted this nugget.

“While tidying up, I came across a box full of cassettes.

When I took them out of the cases, I saw that one had a “Daft Punk # 1” label on it, then I took everything out and found the second, ”he continued.

Something to delight electronic music lovers waiting for the clubs to reopen!


Daft Punk has just released nine new tracks


Between the sisters Goadec and Daft Punk, there is only one step!

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