Following an exceptionally warm weekend, the temperature will rise significantly today (25th).

The highest temperature in the daytime will rise to 13 degrees in Seoul, 14 degrees in Daejeon, and 15 degrees in Jeonju. Compared to the previous year's level, it will be more than 10 degrees, so it will be as cozy as spring.

The reason the day can be released is because it is affected by the east wind that has passed over the Baekdu-daegan.

Therefore, the air is also clean due to the influence of the clean east wind, not the western wind.

We will maintain the average level of fine dust concentrations nationwide.

Currently, the whole country is generally clear, and only clouds are passing inland.

There will be no rain forecast today, but sometimes there will be so many clouds.

On the other hand, because the east coast and the coast of Jeju Island are swelling waves, you need to be aware of coastal safety accidents.

Tomorrow, it will rain slightly in the metropolitan area in the afternoon, starting from the southern region, rain or snow will fall nationwide on Thursday, and a sparkling cold wave will come again from Friday.

Please be aware of temperature changes.

(Meteorological Caster Tae Bin)