Chinanews client, Beijing, January 24th (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) "How good is "Mountain and Sea Situation"? I watched it at the original speed."

  Who would have thought that, today, not using the double speed button has become the biggest compliment for a drama.

For today's young people, chasing drama and variety shows have become standard.

Moreover, double speed does not seem to meet everyone's needs, and many video sites have also launched triple speed.

  Some netizens sighed, why this audience cannot do without double speed?

Does this save time or waste time?

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Open N scenes of triple speed

  In the Internet age, people have gradually got rid of the limitation of remote control when watching videos, and realized the freedom of "watch whatever you want" with the help of technology.

The general drama is 1.5 times, the plot is 1.25 times the brain-burning, the particularly beautiful and famous scenes are at normal speed, and the boring plot is at 2 times the speed.

  However, the same is all video, under what circumstances will everyone turn on the triple speed?

  Among them, the most common is that when the plot is not attractive, any reason such as water injection, slow rhythm, poor performance of the actor, strange plot, and slow speech speed of the actor may make the audience start triple speed.

  Xiao Yang from Shanghai is chasing a popular costume drama recently, but the current plot is at a tasteless stage, chase it, the plot is too far-fetched; don’t chase it, a certain role is really letting people take the lead, in the end it has to be three times faster After watching the plot that I don’t like.

And some dramas are too slow, but fast forward and afraid of missing some details, only three times the speed.

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  Compared with the double speed, the triple speed is faster, but it may also cause the speech speed to be too fast and unintelligible, and the plot details are ignored.

Therefore, its application scenarios are also different from double speed.

  For example, if you’re too busy, you have to hurry to chase the drama, triple the speed; if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is painful to chase after the beginning, triple the speed; N brushes the old drama, knows the plot, just for aftertaste, triple speed... …

  In addition, triple speed is often used to skip advertisements.

At present, when many TV shows and variety shows are broadcast on the Internet, in addition to the opening and ending advertisements, there are also various types of advertisements such as small theaters, placements, and oral broadcasts.

When it affects the viewing experience, many people will choose triple speed.

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Triple speed: save time or waste time?

  Although the current double speed has become a trend, everyone has different attitudes towards the triple speed.

Chen Cheng, who often follows dramas, thinks that the triple speed function is quite convenient. Long press the screen if you don't like the plot, and release it if it is good.

Save time and see what you want to watch.

  But there are also many people who disagree with excessive use of triple speed.

Song Peng, who is engaged in the IT industry, said that he generally does not use double speed when chasing dramas, at most he drags the progress bar to fast forward.

Because in his opinion, using three times the speed may brush the wonderful content, "I don't read the content that I don't want to watch, and why I watch it if it is not interesting."

If he only wants to save trouble, he will choose to watch the commentary video. He has used this method to browse many anime he watched in his childhood, such as "Inuyasha", "Dragon Ball", "Saint Seiya" and so on.

  Some netizens also hold a similar view. It is better not to watch the double speed, and you can leave time for good shows.

Three times the speed to receive a lot of information, there is no room for aftertaste.

  For practitioners in the film and television industry, their feelings for Double Speed ​​may be more complicated.

In 2019, when the American video website Netflix tested the new "double speed playback" function, it was opposed by practitioners.

Some actors and directors in Hollywood believe that the distributor should not change the way the content is presented, as Double Speed ​​will further reduce the viewing experience.

  "If you want to watch "The Godfather" in 90 minutes, then go and invent a machine yourself." "The Simpsons" screenwriter Jared Apato once said.

Peter Ramsey, the director of "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", also questioned whether every product design must conform to the laziest and most tasteless people?

  However, Netflix finally introduced this feature, which supports video playback at 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x and other speeds.

Video screenshot

  Regarding double-speed playback, some media believe that this is just a way to kill time and must not be dominated by it and take up too much time.

  Some experts also believe that fragmented information will produce a new aesthetic pleasure when colliding with each other, a potential pleasure of life.

"If you want to see that the aesthetic experience of rapid reading echoes this era, you can't just compare it with the past to make value judgments."

Web dramas are getting shorter and shorter, and web comprehensives are getting longer and longer?

  On the one hand, double-speed playback is affecting people's viewing habits. For example, some people are used to 1.5x speed. In the long run, 1.5x speed is the normal speaking speed, and they can't bear to watch the drama slowly.

On the other hand, it is also affecting the production and creation of the film and television industry.

  In the past year, boutique short series have exploded.

"Hidden Corner", "I Am Yu Huanshui", "The Silent Truth", "Skyscrapers" and many other dramas are within 20 episodes. There is no water injection, the rhythm is tight, the suspense is prominent, and some viewers even have time to open the double speed.

The relevant person in charge of iQiyi once said that the volume of the short series is very suitable for the net generation and users with tight rhythm.

"The Hidden Corner" poster

  "I’m Yu Huanshui" lead actor Guo Jingfei also said in an interview: “Many viewers have to adjust to double speed and quadruple speed when watching dramas. Why do you want to torture the audience like this? We cut everything that should be cut, it’s not. Is there any respect for the audience? Storytelling should be like this."

  On the contrary, in order to adapt to the double-speed and fragmented viewing mode of the audience, the duration of many variety shows has been lengthened, especially online variety shows.

Each issue is divided into two episodes, and each period lasts 2 hours. This has almost become the consensus of the network.

Several variety shows that are currently on the air, such as "Trend Partners", "Hahahahaha", "Wonderful Flowers" and "Drama New Life".

For some talent shows and competitive variety shows, the duration is longer. In order to let the audience see the performance of more players, some even approach 4 hours.

Video website screenshot

  So, in today's accelerated pursuit of drama and variety shows, has the audience's viewing time increased?

According to the "2020 Tencent Video Annual Index Report", the per capita consumption time of variety shows in 2020 is as long as 36.6 minutes, which is an increasing trend, but the increase is not large. The previous two years were 33.6 minutes and 35.2 minutes respectively.

"2020 Tencent Video Annual Index Report"

  In contrast, short videos have risen rapidly, leading the online audiovisual industry.

According to the "2020 China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report", as of June 2020, the number of short video users in my country has reached 818 million, and the number of integrated video users is 724 million.

The average daily usage time of short videos is 110 minutes per capita, while the average time for comprehensive videos is 96 minutes.

Over 60% of users watch short videos every day, and over 30% of users watch comprehensive videos every day.

"2020 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report"

  It can be seen from the data that this audience has gone further and further on the fragmented and fast-paced road.

Triple speed is not a new feature. There may be five times and ten times speed in the future, but triple speed becomes the norm but it is a question worth thinking about.

Whether it is for the audience or the practitioners in the film and television industry.