A tourist visit to Angoulême

Photo caption: Christine Olmer, tourist guide at Charentes Tourisme © RFI / Sayouba Traoré

By: Sayouba Traoré

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Angoulême is a town in southwestern France, prefecture of the Charente department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Angoulême is the festival and the museum in comics, the French-speaking film festival, but above all it is a city of history.

Because the region is at the junction of the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants.


The town has less than 50,000 inhabitants, but it is the center of an agglomeration bringing together nearly 110,000 inhabitants.

In fact, we are going to visit the old town.

It is a rocky outcrop in the city center that is called the Plateau over there.

The bourgeois merchant sheltered from the ramparts on the Plateau, and the peasants and artisans below in the plain and on the banks of the Charente.

We will see the ramparts, the main hall, and the town hall.

Formerly a castle and residence of the counts, this building was transformed into a town hall from 1858 to 1869.

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Stéphane Villain

, vice-president of the Charente department in charge of tourism.


Christine Olmer

, tourist guide at

Charentes Tourisme


Franck Doucet

, producer of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Director: Ewa Piedel.


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