"All boundaries have been crossed here. There was no demonstration, violence against the police was the goal from the start."

That is the reaction of the municipality, police and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) to the riots in Eindhoven on Sunday.

The three parties respond "with horror at the disturbances in the Eindhoven city center".

Mayor John Jorritsma does not have a good word for the rioters: "Supposedly in the name of freedom, shops of troubled entrepreneurs have been destroyed. One shop was even looted. Our city together has been torn apart by rioters who have nothing to do with our city."

Dozens of rioters were arrested on Sunday and the OM has decided to a criminal investigation.

It expects to be able to carry out more arrests on the basis of camera images.

The Public Prosecution Service is also trying to recover the damage from the rioters.

Until 9 p.m., the police handcuffed 55 people.

According to district chief Peter van Pelt of the police in Eindhoven, no officers were injured.

"We were confronted with a large group of rioters who immediately attacked the police with brute force. That is of course completely unacceptable".

According to him, it is still unclear whether rioters or other civilians were injured.

"The police had information that several groups were looking for a confrontation with the police, enforcers and aid workers," said OM, police and mayor Jorritsma in a joint statement.

"This group was only out for riots," said press prosecutor Janine Kramer.

"This has nothing to do with expressing your opinion, but this is just criminal behavior."