The entrance to a gendarmerie barracks.

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E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

He would have threatened to "come back and cut off his head" ... A 32-year-old man, father of two children attending the Pierre-et-Marie Curie school in Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), was detained provisional, suspected of having uttered death threats against a teacher at this establishment, last Friday.

The facts would have taken place during the meridian break, according to

The Republic of the Pyrenees

which revealed the case.

The man, in the process of separation, had come to the school to collect documents.

He was asked to leave the place, that's when the tone would have risen.

The scene would have shocked many people present at the time.

Back home, the thirty-something went to present himself to the gendarmerie the next day, where he was taken into custody.

He was then remanded in custody, awaiting an immediate appearance on Monday.


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