On the evening of January 22, when three policemen from the Jingxin Police Station of the Hunchun Forest Public Security Bureau of Jilin Province were conducting daily patrols, they spotted wild Northeast leopards at the intersection of Erdaopao Village and Chaoyang Village, Jingxin Town, Hunchun City at the intersection of 302 National Highway 55.

After half a minute, the Northeast Leopard crossed the highway from west to east towards the Chaoyang Mountains and forests. The police car escorted the Northeast Leopard back to the forest before leaving.

The next day, through the paw prints left on the scene, it was learned that the Northeastern leopard was an adult and the paw prints were 20 cm long.

(Source of Liu Dong's video: Hunchun Forest Public Security Bureau)

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]