British sergeant kills 5 ISIS with one bullet in northern Syria

A sergeant in the "SAS Special Air Force" of the British army, was able to kill 5 ISIS militants in northern Syria last November with only one bullet, "including a senior leader." The sergeant, who was not named, has 20 years experience in various sniping.

As for the bullet, he fired it from a distance of 900 meters, using an American-made Barrett M82 50 caliber rifle, whose price exceeds $ 9,000, and was originally intended to hit larger targets, such as airplanes, trucks, and light armored tanks.

In the "Daily Star" news that SAS operatives were active at that time with Kurdish fighters "in tracking down terrorists who launch attacks from time to time on some villages in Syria". They noticed the presence of a factory they suspected of being "ISIS" for making explosives, so they spent days watching it, during which "the watchdog monitored The sniper 5 of them were leaving the building, and one of them was filming a suicide bomber who appeared with them smiling and talking to the camera, "according to the newspaper's account.

The novel goes on, and says that the sergeant called his base to inform the people in charge of what he saw, and that he could manage the five with a bullet, then summarized his plan to them, which is to target the suicide bomber first, and after him the senior leader of the organization, and after he obtained the permission, he found that he had more luck than he was He expects, to the extent that he felt like a hunter fired at a bird, and if it was dropping an entire swarm, he focused on the suicide with the sight of his rifle, and when he found him in the right position, he shot him a bullet to his chest, and instead of seeing him fall dead with the bullet as usual, he found it "exploding" a noisy far.

The sergeant was astonished at what he had heard and saw, and waited for the dust of the explosion to disappear from the place, and after it dispersed, he looked and found only 4 bodies "piled up" at the entrance to the building. As for the suicide bomber, he completely disappeared from the scene, as if he had not been, so the bullet realized that it had hit an explosive belt that was infiltrated Behind his jacket, and when he exploded, his body was torn to pieces.

As for the four "ISIS" men, they are the ones who showed the censors bodies lying on the ground.