After a first examination in Commission, the bill against animal abuse arrives next week in the hemicycle of the National Assembly.

Lawyer Roland Perez returns to the provisions of the text, both on the adoption of animals and bestiality or the ban of wild animals in the circus.

New legal provisions on the fight against animal abuse are about to be voted.

Examined in the Economic Affairs Committee last week, they are now expected for a debate in the hemicycle of the National Assembly from Tuesday.

Lawyer Roland Perez returns to the measures, which concern pets like those in the circus, and also toughen the legislation on bestiality.

There are more than 9 million dogs and 6 million cats in France that belong to individuals.

The associations which work to fight animal suffering are therefore stamping their feet, because the bill, which emanates from several deputies, harshly punishes mistreatment of dogs, cats, but also horses, donkeys and other equines.

To this must be added the NACs (new pets) such as rodents, birds, turtles, snakes or even lizards, also affected by this new regulation.

There is talk of three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros in the event of the death of an animal, with a ban in the future from owning one. 

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The text also deals with the breeding and resale conditions of animals.

To fight against abandonment, there will be an awareness certificate to be given to new pet owners, so that they are informed of the animal's maintenance needs and costs before embarking on the pet. 'purchase.

Zoopornography in the viewfinder

The sanctions against zoopornography, that is to say the fact of producing and disseminating zoophilic images, will be increased: four years' imprisonment and a fine of 60,000 euros.

Because if bestiality, therefore sexual practices with animals, has been banned since 2004 in France, there is still no legal text that regulates the dissemination of such videos.

And this while there are images on the Internet, but also advice, even dating sites intended to organize sexual meetings between humans and animals.

The simple consultation of these images could be worth a fine of 3,000 € to the voyeurs.

Finally, captive wild animals were to be banned from circuses, television sets and private parties, with the elimination of bear and wolf showers.

Mink farms are also expected to be closed within five years.