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Papattes d'Amour

  • A Strasbourg woman has launched her brand of clothing and accessories for animals.

  • Passionate about fashion and trends, she canvassed suppliers for different objects and clothes.

  • She herself designs dog clothes, ceramic bowls, leashes and harnesses and collaborates with local seamstresses and artisans for their achievements.

An office life, Adèle Bohl no longer wanted.

Alsatian with a doggy look, a young thirty-something passionate about trends, fashion and animals, quickly understood that her role as training manager in a large company did not leave enough room for her artistic and… animal fiber.

Also, she took the plunge, "tempted for a long time by the adventure of entrepreneurship" and launched her brand, Papattes d'Amour.

La Strasbourgeoise offers on its online sales site clothes and accessories for animals, mainly for dogs (later for cats) and as much as possible made in Alsace.

"It always makes you smile"

It was his very strong bond with his Boston Terrier, a beautiful 7.5 kg “blanket” named Junior, who had become blind and was more than a year old, that reinforced his project.

"Animals are so natural, so why not make a mark in their image, a little fun," says Adèle Bohl.

In their company, we are much more peaceful, refreshed, and we take ourselves a little less seriously than when we are with humans ”smiles the young woman.

From there to making clothes for dogs ... "It is not yet very developed, as in Germany, admits Adèle Bohl.

Today, when you meet a dog with a jacket, it always makes you smile, even if for some dogs it is essential.

There is the fashion, style side, but there are also a lot of small dogs who have no hair for example, and who need to be covered.


Fruit of this passion for trendy colors and materials and animals, the business manager wishes to highlight creators made in France or even made in Alsace.

Even if she recognizes, during her surveys, that the choice is still limited, “if you want to find different things.

»Preferably through short circuits but also Ecofriendly: His creations are made from second-hand clothes.

Prototypes of ceramic bowls.

- Papattes d'Amour

In the meantime, she looks around for suppliers, and also sells her creations.

Necklaces, paracord harnesses in particular, soon bowls made by an Alsatian ceramist, or even clothes that she designs herself.

“I work with local seamstresses from Strasbourg, even if it was more complex than expected to find them.

The seamstresses who work for their own account are very little specialized in animals and those who are, already have their production, and do not necessarily have the place to work with a dealer.


And the young woman has ideas.

In fine weather, it intends to direct its sales to the necklaces and harnesses of its manufacture and wishes to expand the range with “a travel part, with bags, trends and practices”, ground covers, bath towels, plaids. .

Of "wouaffement" good ideas in this period a little gray.

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