Emmanuel Macron when the second confinement was announced at the end of October.

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It is

Le Journal du dimanche

that makes its front page on this: according to the weekly, a third confinement against the Covid-19 epidemic could be decreed as early as this week, with effect from next weekend.

The announcement could be made, as we are now used to, by a televised address by Emmanuel Macron.

In any case,


says the question is no longer so much if there will be containment, but when.

The verdict on the effects of the curfew at 6 p.m., the last major health decision taken by the government, will fall next week, Minister of Health Olivier Véran said on Sunday.

“I am waiting first to be settled on the effects of the curfew.

We will be next week, ”said the Minister of Health to Le

Parisien on Sunday


“If it doesn't go down, if the variants start to spread everywhere, then we will take additional measures, of course.

"And that's called containment," he adds.

“If we see that the virus starts to grow strongly, we close.

We will do it if we have no choice ”, continues Olivier Véran.

“The one we put in place in October was effective.

But I can tell you that there is no hidden plan, nor a pre-written scenario ”.

If ever the decision were to be taken as early as this week, it could be announced after the health defense council on Wednesday.

A government source quoted by

Le Journal du dimanche

speaks of a reconfinement lasting a minimum of three weeks.

The possible modalities are more vague.

If we are to believe the


: the schools would remain open, as during the second confinement;

non-essential businesses would be partially closed but not completely;

companies would once again be invited to adjust working conditions, but teleworking would not be compulsory.

It would therefore be confinement a priori a little less restrictive than in the fall, even if travel certificates should be back.

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