[Concurrent] Mr. Liang, a citizen of Nanning

  At that time I heard a bang, and then I looked in the rearview mirror behind an electric car that was on fire. The car lost control and rammed over. Then I fell to the ground. The car flew to the sidewalk and flew onto the sidewalk. When he stopped, he (the vehicle involved in the accident) broke a tree.

  [Explanation] At about 13:00 on January 24, a traffic accident occurred on the auxiliary road of the Star Overpass, Baisha Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning City, Guangxi. A car collided with 9 electric bicycles. At present, 4 people were killed and 6 people were injured.

  [Explanation] After receiving the alarm, the police from the Traffic Police Detachment of the Nanning Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene for investigation and disposal, assisted in sending the wounded to the hospital for treatment, and took control of the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, Yang (male, 31 years old) on the spot.

Yang claims to be an employee of a car 4s shop. He was driving a new unlicensed car and had an accident because the vehicle was out of control.

  [Explanation] At about 15:50 in the afternoon, the reporter rushed to the scene to see that the auxiliary road under the Xingguang Overpass in Nanning City had been cordoned off, traffic control was being implemented on the road section where the incident occurred, and fire, traffic police, health and other departments had arrived at the scene to start work.

The wounded have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

  [Explanation] Mr. Liang, who had experienced the traffic accident, recalled the incident and said that the speed of the car was very fast at that time, and the accident happened before he recovered.

At that time, the scene was in chaos, and electric vehicle parts were scattered all over the place.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Liang, a citizen of Nanning

  80 (vehicle speed at the time) was at least 80, and very quickly, (at the time) two injured fell to the ground, one was still breathing, and one was motionless. There was a woman in front of my electric car. She no longer I felt it, and there was a (wounded) behind the electric car. I couldn't see whether it was a man or a woman. He was still breathing. Then I hit 120.

  [Explanation] The accident is currently under further investigation.

  Chen Yanyou reports from Nanning, Guangxi

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]