Today (24th), the holiday is quite warm for winter, and there is no worries about dust, so the sky is revealing.

The temperature in the morning was also significantly higher than the previous year's level. As the daytime temperature rises, the daytime temperature in Seoul and Daegu rises to 12 degrees Celsius, and Gwangju is 14 degrees Celsius.

Even if you look at the current satellite image, the sky in the west region is clear with clean air, but low clouds remain in the center of the east coast, so we will spray less than 5mm of rain until this afternoon in the future. Snow may blow.

However, if there is something to be aware of today, it is the swell wave.

The wind will blow strongly until tomorrow and the waves are high. Especially, if the waves come from a distance, the wave height may increase even higher, so you should pay special attention to the swelling waves around the coast.

There will be no big cold for the time being, and there is news of snow and rain all over the country on Thursday.

(Kim Soo-min weather caster)