An eel memorial service was held on the 24th in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture, where eel dishes are a specialty.

At the "Unagi no Machi Okaya no Kai", which is made at eel restaurants in Okaya City, "Cold Earthen Eel Day" was set up in January in order to spread the charm of eels in winter. I am doing.

At the memorial service, in order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, measures such as reducing the number of participants and shortening the time were taken, and the participants thanked the monument and thanked the eels. I also moved to Lake Suwa and released about 40 farmed eels about 40 cm in length.

Toshiaki Konno, chairman of the "Unagi no Machi Okaya no Kai," said, "I thanked the eels for their lives, hoping for the earliest possible end of the new corona. The eels at this time are very greasy, soft and delicious. Let's eat together and survive the corona. "