Recently, the police from the police station of the Hengyang East Station of the Hengyang Railway Public Security Department in Hunan obtained a report during their work. Two suspects involved in multiple thefts of imported milk powder were about to get off the train at the Hengyang East Station. The police immediately started their work.

  After investigation, it was found that the women He and Liu were both from Leiyang, Hunan. They usually chose to commit crimes from other places to steal imported milk powder from supermarkets. The two established a special milk powder overseas purchasing group and sold the milk powder through the purchasing group channel.

The six cans of milk powder seized by the police were the money they had stolen in a number of supermarkets in Shaoxing.

The two confessed to their illegal acts of stealing milk powder and using other people's ID cards to ride the bus.

  The case is currently being processed further.

  (Edited by Yuan Tingxuan, Wang Hailong, Xu Xiaotong, Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]