Tragic end to a dangerous Tiktok shoot: An 18-year-old Pakistani was caught and killed by a train while recording a video for the online platform along a railway line.

As the police and rescue workers announced on Saturday, the incident occurred on Friday in the metropolis of Rawalpindi.

A spokesman for the local rescue workers told the AFP news agency that the 18-year-old walked on the train tracks and was filmed by a friend.

He was hit by a moving train.

When the emergency services arrived, the young man was already dead.

Friends of the 18-year-old had indicated that he wanted to publish the video on Tiktok and other online services.

This is not the first time that a Tiktok user has put himself in mortal danger.

Just a few days ago, a ten-year-old died in Italy trying to take part in the “Blackout Challenge” on Tiktok.

Little Antonella had locked herself in the bathroom and filmed herself on her cell phone while she was tightening her breath with the bathrobe belt.


After a sister discovered the girl, the family took her to the hospital.

There the doctors fought, but then had to determine brain death, as a spokeswoman for the Di Cristina Hospital confirmed on Friday.

Italy has now blocked access to Tiktok for users whose age has not been proven beyond doubt.

This step will initially apply until February 15, the data protection authority said on Friday evening.