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Despite the restrictions due to covid-19, the

oldest and most famous

pilgrimage route in

the world is

going to be one of the great destinations of 2021, declared

Compostela Holy Year

(and which will last until 2022).

The magic that he gives off and the experiences that he evokes have made him, in fact, one more protagonist (if not the main axis) of the

3 Paths



Amazon Prime

premieres this Friday, January 22, in 195 countries.

La de

3 Caminos

is the story of a trip along the

Camino de Santiago

at three different moments (2000, 2006 and 2021) in the lives of six characters played by the Spanish actors Álex González, Alberto Jo Lee and Verónica Echegui, accompanied by the Mexican Cecilia Suárez, German Anna Schimrigk and Italian Andrea Bosca.

An international cast that reflects the

multicultural character of the pilgrims

who have traveled this route for centuries that culminates in


, before passing through

Santiago de Compostela.

From left.

to right: Andrea Bosca, Álex González, Anna Schimrigk and Verónica Echegui.

In the series, as in real life, the Camino acts as a catalyst and backdrop for stories full of emotions, friendships, courage, but also disappointments, fear and forgiveness.

For Norberto López Amado, its director, "this project is very special to me for many reasons, but above all one:

I am from Galicia

and it is an honor to be able to tell the world about something as magical and special as the Camino".

"From the moment we started working we were clear that the Camino was just another character, that its

colors and smells

had to pass through the screen and reach the viewer. The places where the Camino passes make you

transform as a person,

that we needed to be noticed in the visual and conceptual narrative, "adds Mamen Quintas, executive producer.


With 1,500 kilometers, ten routes, 70 public shelters and the new anticovid measures that impose, for example, the limited capacity in the Cathedral, these are some guidelines to plan the Camino without last minute surprises:

Sign of the beginning of the Camino in Bilbao (Basque Country).


    There are some classic starting points such as


    (Navarra) in the case of the French Way (the most popular) or


    in the Primitive Way (the oldest), which goes into the Asturian valleys and forests.

    The so-called Camino del Norte can be started in



    And we do not forget the

    English Way,

    with seven different stages, or the

    Vía de la Plata route

    (with 26 stages) or the

    Sea route


    The latter is of a maritime-fluvial nature, since it crosses the Ría de Arousa and the Ulla river.


    Once the route is defined, we must do the same with the way we are going to travel the Camino: on

    foot, by bike or on horseback

    (it is one of the most desired equestrian routes in the world).

    Although the rise of

    electric bicycles

    allows to cover more kilometers at each stage and is a not inconsiderable option.

    Be that as it may, you always have to follow the

    yellow arrows.


    The list of accommodations along the Camino is long: hotels, 70 public hostels, refuges, inns, rural houses, hostels, campsites ... Sports centers, churches or cultural centers are also usually enabled for pilgrims to sleep.


    Those who choose to rest in a public hostel should know that reservations are not usually accepted, so in high season it is advisable to arrive first (they open at 1:00 p.m.).

    The stay in each public shelter will be

    one night only,

    except in case of illness or other force majeure.

    They close their doors at 10:00 p.m. and to respect rest, the lights turn off at 10:30 p.m., except for the common areas.

    They must be abandoned before 8:00 am the next morning and their price ranges from 4 to 12 euros.


    Many of the most popular restaurants on the Camino offer the so-called

    pilgrim's menu

    at a good price.

    Depending on the region, you can try the

    chops with vine shoots

    from La Rioja, the cheese from Idiazábal, the

    artichoke from Tudela,

    the piquillo pepper from Lodosa, the borage from Teruel, the biscay-style cod, the Cantabrian goat or the cheese from Cabrales.

    In Galicia you cannot miss the seafood, the octopus or, as a sweet note, the

    Santiago cake.


    The official document that the pilgrims stamp at each stage of the Camino and that they receive when they arrive in Santiago.

    Of course, to obtain it you must have traveled at least the last 100 kilometers on foot or on horseback.

    The figure reaches 200 kilometers if it is done by bicycle.

    In addition, it is necessary that during these last trips a minimum of two stamps per day are obtained, which can be obtained in official places such as

    churches, hostels, town halls or hostels.

    The Pilgrim Welcome Office or the different Jacobean associations are also authorized by the Cathedral to distribute and seal the Compostela.


    3 Caminos

    opens this Friday

    , January 22,

    in 195 countries with an international cast that, over

    eight episodes

    and three time windows, will integrate the

    Camino de Santiago

    as one more protagonist in history.

    Everything about the

    Xacobeo 2021-2022

    on the official website www.consejojacobeox21.es/ and about the Camino at www.caminodesantiago.gal, a very complete website to help plan the itinerary of each traveler according to preferences, physical condition ...

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