From January 8th to the early morning of January 23rd, BGI's Hebei "Huoyan" laboratory fully supported Hebei's fight against the "epidemic", with a total test sample volume of over 5.28 million, and undertook sample testing work in some medium and high-risk areas.

  According to reports, the "Huoyan" laboratory is an overall solution born in the process of fighting the "epidemic", which can quickly improve the overall detection capabilities and contribute scientific and technological strength to the prevention and control of sudden epidemics in various places.

The "Huoyan" laboratory is equipped with a variety of advanced equipment, such as a fully automatic cupping processing system and a high-throughput automatic virus nucleic acid extraction equipment, which can quickly improve the detection efficiency while reducing the risk of infection by the inspectors, safe, efficient and accurate detection .

  (Edited by Xing Lu, Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: 【Qi Bin】