Avian influenza virus was detected in ducks on a farm in Sosa City, Chiba Prefecture, and the prefecture plans to kill about 5,400 ducks raised on the farm.

In Chiba Prefecture, on the 21st of this month, a highly pathogenic "H5N8" avian influenza virus with a high mortality rate was detected in ducks raised on a farm in Yokoshibahikari Town.

In response to this, when the prefecture proceeded with inspections of the surrounding farms, a newly highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was detected in the ducks of the farm in Sosa City, which is adjacent to Yokoshibahikari Town.

For this reason, the prefecture has decided to slaughter approximately 5,400 ducks on two farms, including this farm and related farms, and to disinfect the farms.

In addition, we have designated the farm within a radius of 3 km as a "restricted movement area" that prohibits the movement of chickens and eggs, and within a radius of 10 km as a "restricted export area" that basically prohibits shipping from that area.

This is the fourth case of bird flu confirmed in Chiba prefecture since last month.