The owner of masterpieces known by the old and the young

Abdullah bin Theban is absent ... and his poems are engraved in the memory of the homeland

Abdullah bin Theban .. the owner of a journey full of giving and poetic creativity.


The poetic and cultural arena in the Emirates lost the great poet, Abdullah bin Theban, who was absent, the day before yesterday, at the age of 76, after a struggle with illness.

Intellectuals mourned the late poet, stressing that his poems influenced the Emirati imagination, and provided the singing scene with many singing works, which will remain over the years.

The Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura Al-Kaabi, said through her Twitter account: “The cultural arena has lost the veteran poet, Abdullah Bin Dhiban Al Shamsi, the author of a unique poetic experience .. Interested in documenting the details of nature, the environment, architecture and social relations, so that they remain engraved in memory.”

The President of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, offered condolences through his Twitter account, saying: “My sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the great Emirati poet, Abdullah Bin Dhiban Al Shamsi, may God have mercy on him and forgive him and his family, loved ones and all my family in the beloved Emirates.”

Bus march

The deceased was born in Sharjah in 1945, and suffered an orphan since his childhood, as his father died shortly before his birth, and at the age of eight his older brother died, and he moved to Dubai to live in the care of his uncles.

Bin Dhiban's poetic march witnessed different stages, and through his poems he was able to draw a picture of the life of the desert and its features and vocabulary. He made his poems a source for documenting that period of time and the shape of life in it.

He also had prominent contributions to presenting poetic programs since the establishment of the Union and before it, as he presented with the poet, Ali bin Rahma Al Shamsi, the program “Embrace of the Badia”, and in 1991 he moved to participate in the popular session on Dubai Radio, and it was prepared and presented by the Emirati poet Rashid. Sharar, as well as his participation in the poetry Majlis, which continued to be broadcast until 2002, on Dubai TV.

As a culmination of his efforts, His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, honored him at the Folk Poetry Festival, as one of the pioneers of the Nabataean poem in the Emirates in 2011.

Tender will stay

For his part, the head of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, Sultan Al-Amimi, in a series of tweets on his Twitter account, reviewed part of Abdullah bin Theban’s march, saying: “The arena of Nabati poetry in the UAE was struck by the death of the great poet, Abdullah bin Dhiban Al Shamsi, about At the age of 76, after a career full of tender and poetic creativity, with his passing we lost a poet who left a great impact on the sung poem in the Emirates, my sincere condolences to the poet’s family, his family, and poetry lovers.

He added: “The poet Ali bin Rahma al-Shamsi was one of the closest friends of the poet Abdullah bin Dhiban, and during the nineties they were driving in one car towards Dubai TV to record episodes of (The Council of Poets), and they were among the most famous and successful writers of the rhyming poem in the Emirates, and bin Dhiban continued, have mercy on him. God, in his poetic gift to the end of his life ».

Al-Amimi considered that the most prominent characteristic of the poems of the late poet was the relentless ease and intelligence in choosing the poetic phrase, which made him one of the pioneers in writing the folk song in the Emirates in its second artistic stage, after its founding stage, pausing in front of his two poems: "Boss Said Al-Saad enjoys it." "Let me be a cloud, your name", which established a strong poetic presence for him in the world of popular song.

As for the journalist, Aref Omar, he wrote about the late one: “I wish I had a cloud with your fish, always with rain in your neighborhood, and who does not know this house!

Today the cloud of poetry that rained down on us with sweet rhymes is absent ... the poet Abdullah bin Theban Al Shamsi, may God protect him, one of the most important names in the arena of Emirati and Gulf poetry and song.

As the poet Sheikha Al-Jabri called him: “What is this news, the owner of (Welcome to Tarsh Nabakum) bids farewell to us and he is a poet of love, talents, beauty and beautiful values, a poet of high-level authentic rhymes Abdullah bin Dhiban in the protection of God, a new loss that saddens hearts, the UAE loses one of its great noble poets ».

A number of cultural bodies in the country participated in the mourning of the late poet, such as the Poetry Academy, the Emirati-Palestinian Friendship Club, and many Gulf and Arab newspapers and websites. A large number of intellectuals, poets and poetry lovers also mourned him, expressing their mourning for the loss of a stature of the size of Bin Dhiban, and recalling part of what He presented him from poetic masterpieces known to both young and old, including "Hello to Tarsh Nabakum," "Yanni Call," "Looming Lightning," and "I fought my eyes against it."

The House of Poetry in Fujairah, affiliated with the Fujairah Social and Cultural Society, mourned bin Dhiban.

The association’s board chairman, the poet Khaled Al-Dhanhani, said: “We lost a great poet who is one of the most striking names in the march of popular poetry in the Emirates, and one of the stallions of the Emirati poem, who spent his life as a righteous son of his country, after a long life he spent with patriotism and ardent creativity, and his poems will remain immortal in the history of The homeland, and its effects will remain among us, even if its image is absent from us, so his departure left us with great sadness.

Adult voices

The late poet presented to the lyric arena many poems sung by the voices of major Emirati artists, among them Saeed Salem and Muhad Hamad, who presented him many poems.

• Through his poems, he was able to paint a picture of the life and features of the desert.

• One of the pioneers of the folk song in its second artistic stage after its founding beginnings.

• 76 years old, the veteran Emirati poet passed away.

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