[Explanation] January 22 is the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month, and the year of the ox in the lunar calendar is getting closer and closer. On that day, the 6 golden takin babies of Guangzhou Changlong Wildlife World that had just been full moon met with tourists for the first time .

The golden takin is a first-class protected animal in China.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the zoo that the 6 baby takins are currently in good health and are very lively and active. They have not yet grown the iconic "horns" of adult takins, but these 6 baby takins have big eyes and The small ears and the distinctive "short beard" are very cute.

But since it is called the golden takin, why can't I see the golden retriever on the cub?

  [Concurrent] Senior Childcare Teacher Zhou Shiqiang

  After about 6 to August, it can basically adapt to the food of the adult golden takin. Its coat color will slowly become golden yellow, but it must become golden yellow completely. It has to wait until adulthood. If it becomes an adult, the male is 4 to 5 Adults can be grown at the age of 3, and females are 3 years old at the earliest, and they usually start to reproduce around 4 years old.

  [Explanation] According to conservationists, the golden takin is an alpine animal. Almost all plants that can reach their mouths are eaten. Its food includes at least 100 kinds of plants.

Currently, the cubs are mainly milk and start to eat a small amount of leaves.

According to the nurse, most of the golden takin cubs can stand within 2 hours of birth and can eat colostrum within 24 hours. These behaviors are signs of good health.

  [Explanation] On the same day, the childcare staff also arranged physical examinations for these six lively little guys, but each one was a disobedient little naughty person. The childcare staff had to use a bottle to attract them one by one in order to seize the short time and quickly They measure their body temperature one by one, monitor their heart rate, etc., and the purple mark on their face is to mark whether they have drunk milk and been checked.

  [Concurrent] Senior Childcare Teacher Zhou Shiqiang

  (Next focus) One is to let young mothers learn how to bring babies, because the mothers of these babies will not bring them, so we have to carry out artificial assisted childrearing. The second is that we need to breed and expand the population. The population is also for the sake of safety, one is to avoid inbreeding, and the other is to allow them to fully expand.

  [Explanation] According to reports, the zoo has introduced golden takin since 2009, and the number of populations in the park has reached more than 60, forming a large breeding population in China outside of the reserve.

  Reporter Wang Qingran from Guangzhou

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