Are you having a good weekend?

Now, the whole country is generally cloudy, and rain is falling mainly on the east coast, south coast, and Jeju.

In particular, strong rain clouds are concentrated around the south coast.

From tomorrow (the 24th), snow and rain will continue on the east coast, south coast, and Jeju.

It is expected that as little as 5mm, and in many places, up to 60mm, and in many places in the Jeju mountains, there will be a lot of rain over 80mm.

Heavy snowfall of as much as 30cm or more may pour in the center of the northern mountainous areas of Gangwon where heavy snow warnings were issued.

Currently, a storm warning is in effect in the east and south seas and the far seas of Jeju.

The air quality will be clean nationwide today on the weekend.

I will be warm during the day.

Seoul will rise to 11 degrees, Daejeon will rise to 12 degrees, and Busan will rise to 13 degrees.

There will be no great cold for the time being.

(Soyoung Jeon Weather Caster)