Members of the National Guard in Washington, January 21, 2021. (illustration) -

Rebecca Blackwell / AP / SIPA

  • To mark their disapproval with the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States, members of the National Guard would have stubbornly turned their backs on him during his inauguration.

  • This is what Internet users claim, based on a video showing some of these soldiers turning their backs on the presidential procession.

  • A practice already observed during the investitures of the two predecessors of Joe Biden, and in accordance with the security protocol of the National Guard, as explained by the latter.

The gloomy backstage of the inauguration ceremony of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, were they hidden from the public, as the latter kept his eyes riveted on Lady Gaga and the other personalities present on the steps of the Capitol ?

This is what suggests a video of about twenty seconds relayed on social networks.

In these images, filmed from a moving vehicle, we see many soldiers along a road.

While most are facing the camera, others are facing away from it and appearing to be focused in another direction.

National Guard soldiers stationed alongside Joe Biden's presidential motorcade January 20, 2021 in Washington.

- screenshot / Facebook

“The National Guard turns their backs on Biden who was on his way to the Capitol.

This is what the media will not show you, ”says the caption accompanying this viral sequence, thus suggesting that the military are thus contesting the nomination of the Democratic candidate.


The video was indeed filmed from Joe Biden's presidential motorcade as he approached the Capitol.

However, it is far from having been "hidden" by the media since it was originally posted by Ines de la Cuetara, a journalist for the famous American channel ABC.

In addition, the fact that some members of the National Guard turn their backs on the presidential procession is nothing new.

As our colleagues at Reuters point out, such images were indeed filmed during the inaugurations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

And for good reason: the soldiers thus apply the security protocol in force, as the national guard explained to ABC: “These members of the national guard had for mission to protect the president against possible threats.

Some turn their backs on it to ensure everyone's safety ”.

If more than 25,000 members of the National Guard were mobilized in Washington for the nomination, the Pentagon had previously indicated that a dozen of its members would be removed after checking their background, revealing a link with extremist movements - a few weeks after the intrusion of pro-Trump activists on Capitol Hill.


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