Chinanews client, Beijing, January 23 (Reporter Song Yusheng) Under the requirement of "minimizing the flow and gathering of people as much as possible", the 2021 art test has kicked off.

  Major colleges and universities have recently announced their enrollment guidelines.

Most colleges and universities adopt a combination of online and offline methods for art exams.

As the exam became online, the invigilation became a "cloud proctor".

In response to this admission, the Ministry of Education has emphasized that provinces (regions, cities) and colleges and universities must not lower the initial minimum admission control score in order to complete the admission plan.

Data map: On January 18, Kunming, Yunnan, candidates warmed up in the waiting room, preparing to enter the examination room.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

Online exam regulations are more detailed

  Affected by the epidemic, online examinations have been widely adopted by various colleges and universities starting from the 2020 art test.

  Judging from the enrollment guidelines announced by each school, the 2021 art test will continue to combine online and offline examinations.

  However, compared with the 2020 art test, each school has given more detailed regulations on the online test.

  Take Communication University of China, which has completed the preliminary examination of the art examination school as an example. In the preliminary examination instructions, it has made clear and detailed requirements for the equipment, system and space of the online examination.

  Among them, the test terminal is two smart phones, and candidates can only use two phones to complete the test.

It adopts the dual-position test mode, one mobile phone is used for exam answering, and the other is used for live test live invigilation.

At the same time, the school also gave a specific examination sitting position.

  The Central Academy of Fine Arts art examination school examination also needs to mail examination papers.

The school’s enrollment brochure shows that the online test papers are mailed to the candidates by the school within one week before the test. Candidates must not open the seals in advance after receiving the test papers, and must open the seals under video surveillance before the test begins.

  The reporter noticed that many colleges and universities have also made it clear that candidates must take mock exams in advance within the specified time period to familiarize themselves with the entire test process.

Schematic diagram of the sitting position and machine position of the exam space released by Communication University of China.

webpage Screenshot

Cheating Prevention and Cloud Invigilation

  Regarding the issue of how to prevent cheating in online examinations, the Ministry of Education has clarified in the "Basic Requirements for Particular Types of Enrollment in General Colleges and Universities in 2021" issued in October last year.

  Among them, colleges and universities that adopt the methods of submitting works or online examinations shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the candidates’ equipment conditions and the examination environment before the examination. The examination shall adopt "dual cameras" (recording candidates and examination scenes separately) and "anti-shrinkage". Measures such as “screen” (prevent candidates from shrinking the exam screen to view data), “anti-edit” (prevent candidates from editing the original recorded video), “anti-lip-sync” (randomly add a dialogue program to prevent candidates from playing the recorded “lip-sync”) and other measures to prevent cheating .

  In addition, as the test became online, the invigilation became a "cloud proctor".

  Taking the preliminary examination of Zhongchuan Art Examination School as an example, the school has set up three online live broadcast invigilators.

The teacher invigilates in front of nearly one hundred invigilating examination rooms and nearly a thousand invigilating computers.

Data map: At the entrance exam site, candidates will paint on site.

Photo by Hu Jun

Cultural performance is very important

  It is worth noting that although the examination method has changed, the admission requirements have not been reduced.

  In recent years, the admission control score line for art students' college entrance examination and culture courses has been drawn with reference to the second line.

  Specifically, in provinces that have not merged the second and third batches of ordinary undergraduates, in principle, the score should not be lower than 70% of the second batch of admission control scores; in the second and third batches of the original general undergraduates Provinces, in principle, shall not be lower than 75% of the admission control score of the second batch after the merger; in a province that only retains a general undergraduate batch, in principle, it shall not be lower than 75% of the admission control score of the merged undergraduate batch.

  The reporter combed the enrollment guidelines of various schools and found that some majors in some well-known colleges and universities have adopted the first line of the college entrance examination as a reference standard for cultural achievements in art examinations in recent years.

  For example, the cultural conversion ratio of midstream candidates is "candidates’ cultural test score ÷ the source province of the line", and the school’s drama, film and literature and other majors require candidates to have a minimum cultural conversion ratio of 1, which means that the cultural test scores should reach at least one line .

Data map: In 2020, art candidates wear masks to do warm-up exercises in the waiting room.

Photo by Wang Meng

Admission standard does not drop

  In addition, the Ministry of Education requires that during the admission period, provinces (regions, cities) and colleges and universities shall not lower the initial minimum admission control score in order to complete the admission plan.

  In August last year, the Ministry of Education also emphasized in the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Further Regulating and Strengthening the Enrollment of Art Examinations in General Colleges and Universities" that the admission criteria should be strictly based on the principle of selecting the best and preferring to choose from, and not lowering the performance of art courses And the admission requirements for cultural courses.

  In fact, according to media reports, in 2020, only 9 people will be recruited for the director major of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, while the original enrollment plan was 16 people.

  In this regard, Lu Ang, director of the Director of the Shanghai Theater Academy, explained that although some candidates were ranked high in professional courses, they were blocked because of the substandard performance in cultural courses. In the end, the college admitted only 9 freshmen.

Huang Changyong, Dean of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, said, “We will not lower the bid even if the recruitment is not satisfied.” (End)