Chinese New Year on the spot does not mean "working overtime on the spot"

【People's Livelihood Observation】

  At present, the epidemic situation in some areas of our country is in a situation of interweaving and superimposing the epidemic situation in multiple spots and local clusters.

On December 30, 2020, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Team issued a notice to encourage enterprises and institutions to arrange vacations flexibly, and guide the masses of employees to take vacations at their workplaces as much as possible during the Spring Festival.

This initiative has received widespread attention from the whole society, and various provinces and cities have also actively advocated "not going back to home if necessary during the Spring Festival."

The New Year in situ initiative is based on the long-term and overall situation, and is a special method adopted in a special period and under a special environment.

To make "non-essential non-return home" an active choice for more people under epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to improve and meticulously complete supporting measures and services.

  First of all, legitimate rights and interests should be protected.

Foreigners who choose to celebrate the New Year in situ are objectively contributing to the prevention of the epidemic, and their choice must be taken seriously and treated well.

The government and employers should do a good job in mapping out the arrangements for migrant workers during the Spring Festival, make plans in accordance with their respective characteristics, negotiate and formulate plans for staggered production, flexible vacations, and salary standards, and provide migrant workers with diverse safeguards.

On the one hand, for employees who are willing to participate in the Spring Festival production, they must implement benefits without compromise, and encourage employees to spend the New Year on the spot through flexible and diverse benefits such as retention red envelopes, multiple wages, and full attendance awards, and highlight the use of "salary" to retain people. Let employees gain something from their work; on the other hand, reasonable arrangements should be made for rest and vacation.

The attribute of in-situ Chinese New Year is still "New Year". It is not possible to simply alienate in-situ Chinese New Year into "on-site overtime". The local government must provide relevant policies to provide appropriate support. Employers must focus on retaining people with "heart" to ensure employees' rest and vacation right.

By protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the local Chinese New Year workers, and enhancing the sense of belonging of migrant workers to the place of inflow and the employer, it helps to solve the problem of "labor shortage" after the holiday.

  Secondly, life demands should be guaranteed.

The Spring Festival guarantees are under great pressure, and it is not a trivial matter whether to live a "Comfortable Year" on the spot. It requires the concerted efforts of all sectors of society to meet the life demands of outsiders.

On the one hand, careful investigation and scientific planning are required to ensure logistics, transportation and material supply during festivals, reduce unnecessary movement of local New Year's people, and provide convenience for their daily lives, so that local New Year's people can also have a comfortable New Year outside. .

Safety guarantees during festivals must also be kept up, including traditional safety such as fire prevention, anti-theft, transportation, and food, as well as special safety for epidemic prevention and control.

Do a good job of safety protection to make this special Spring Festival a warm and orderly time; on the other hand, we must give full play to the advantages of labor unions and industry organizations, relying on the party committee and government where the migrant workers are registered, and provide condolences and assistance in the form of "linkage" Work, do what we can to solve the life problems of left-behind relatives, especially to ensure the needs and safety of special groups such as left-behind children and empty-nest elderly, so that people outside can stay at ease and live comfortably.

  At the same time, humanistic care should be guaranteed.

Chinese people have the Spring Festival culture and emotional roots. Going home for the New Year is a complex that cannot be erased in everyone's heart. Choosing to stay at work for the New Year is undoubtedly a more difficult decision.

How to put the "homesickness" is a question that must be considered for the local Chinese New Year. It is necessary to work harder on the "New Year" and provide more warm services.

Relevant functional departments and employers must not only be reasonable and give rewards to people to "stay", but also strengthen coordination and create conditions to make the New Year on the spot enjoyable.

On the one hand, through festival condolences, humanistic care, community visits, etc., preferential measures such as red envelopes, subsidies, consumer vouchers, free tourist attractions, and other forms of new year’s eve dinners and talent competitions should be launched to provide suitable and rich hometown characteristics. Recreational and sports activities, prepare the "spiritual food" of the festival, so that outsiders can experience that “home is far away and love is by their side”; on the other hand, outsiders who are far away from home and relatives may fluctuate more or less psychologically. It is necessary to strengthen psychological interventions for outsiders in need by establishing psychological hotlines and organizing psychological consultation volunteers.

In addition, in-situ New Year celebrations do not exclude family love and reunion. In the digital age, we must actively provide "online New Year greetings" support to allow migrants to "online reunion" with their hometown relatives, so as to relieve migrants from missing their hometown and family.

  In addition, the "necessary" method of going home should be guaranteed.

It is not a mandatory requirement to advocate the local Chinese New Year. Relevant places must also consider the demands of some migrants who want to go home. They should not be blocked by “one size fits all” or misinterpreted policies, and improve return home methods and epidemic prevention measures through more humane methods.

On the one hand, it is necessary to provide masks and disinfection supplies to people who go out "necessarily" to go home, strengthen nucleic acid testing and inspection, strictly abide by measures such as hometown filing and isolation, and provide them with convenience and guidance on their way home.

On the other hand, in order to provide relevant services for those who have to go home, the labor union and relevant departments should actively cooperate to realize the "point-to-point" flow of outsiders through various forms such as chartered cars and special trains, and reduce the risk of spreading the epidemic.

(Author: Sheng Tang Dynasty, Beijing Jiaotong University, Professor Department of Labor Employment Promotion Economic Association, vice president of the Professional Committee)