Bernie Sanders has noticed that a photo taken of him during President Biden's inauguration has gone viral.

The politician decided to make money for charity by having the picture printed on sweaters.

The jerseys can be ordered through Sanders' official website and the proceeds go to Meals on Wheels (a foundation that provides meals for the underprivileged) in the state of Vermont, where he is a senator.

The sweaters cost 45 dollars, which is about 37 euros.

In the photo, Sanders is slumped in a chair, dressed in a simple windbreaker with woolen mittens.

The photo caused hilarity on the internet.

Many memes were made in which Sanders was pasted into famous movie scenes and paintings.

The popularity of the sweater is already mentioned on the Sanders website.

“Due to the overwhelming interest in this item, it can take three to six weeks for your order to hit the mat,” his team warns.