"That looks warm!" Tweeted the US singer Dionne Warwick about the outfit worn by Bernie Sanders at the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Sanders had opted for a very practical outfit consisting of a thick winter jacket and knitted gloves - and thus fell out of line between chic coats and blown hairstyles.

The photo of him sitting on a folding chair with his arms crossed spread rapidly on the Internet and served as a template for countless funny photo montages.

But some drew real fashion inspiration from it.

The brown patterned gloves in particular quickly found many fans, it seems.

They don't come from a well-known fashion brand, but are a gift from an admirer - who is now a little overwhelmed by the great interest in her DIY mittens.

She had received 6,000 messages about the gloves, Jen Ellis told the "Jewish Insider" - but she no longer sold the mittens.

Ellis is actually an elementary school teacher at Essex Junction, Vermont.

Sanders was a nearby mayor in Burlington in the 1980s and is currently a US Senator.

In 2016, Ellis gave him the gloves to cheer him up - Sanders had just lost the race for the presidential candidacy to Hillary Clinton.

"I thought he would never run again, but I wanted him to do it," she told the Jewish Insider.

The “Smittens” in close-up



The inner workings of the gloves are made of recycled plastic waste, for the outer layer Ellis uses sweaters that have been washed small or moth-eaten.

Ellis therefore also calls her gloves “Smittens” - a word created from the English words for pullover (“sweater”) and gloves (“mittens”).

For a while she sold the mittens online and at craft markets, but now she only gives away a pair occasionally, for example at weddings, Ellis said.

Ellis is not thinking about relaunching her small business at the moment: “I can't possibly make 6,000 pairs of gloves and every time I open my inbox I find several hundred new emails there.

I hate to disappoint people, but these gloves are original, they are unique and sometimes you can't get everything in this world that you want. "

But if you are interested in your own pair of “Smittens”, you wrote them on Twitter by now and you can take a look at Etsy.

There are many “talented people” on the shopping portal for homemade things who produce similar models.

Here are some of the best memes from Sander's appearance at the inauguration:

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