The actress Nathalie Delon in Cannes, in 1993. -


“My mother died this morning at 11 am in Paris, surrounded by her relatives.

She died of rapid cancer, ”said Anthony Delon, son of Nathalie Delon on Thursday.

The actress was 79 years old.

The actress has appeared in around thirty films, including

Le Samouraï

by Jean-Pierre Melville, alongside Alain Delon, who was her husband at the time, in 1967.

She also played in

L'Armée des ombres

, also by Jean-Pierre Melville,

Doctor Justice

by Christian-Jaque, and

Une femme fidèle

 by Roger Vadim.

Nathalie Delon went behind the camera by directing

They call it an accident

in 1982 and

Sweet Lies

in 1986.

Five years of marriage with Alain Delon

Of Spanish origin, she was born Francine Canovas on August 1, 1941 in Oujda (Morocco), then under French protectorate.

She landed in Paris in 1962 after having left her first husband, Guy Barthélémy, a former member of the contingent, with whom she had a daughter.

The young woman was 21 when she met Alain Delon in a Parisian nightclub.

They start a relationship and get married in August 1964 in the strictest privacy.

Their son Anthony was born a month later.

The couple ended up divorcing in 1969, Alain Delon leaving to rebuild his life with Mireille Darc.

“When I left him, I left everything behind me, I left with my son and my housekeeper, that's all,” Nathalie Delon told

Paris Match

in 2018


The couple will however remain linked.

Their son Anthony posted on Instagram at the end of December 2020 a photo of his parents side by side.

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