[Explanation] New Year’s Eve is approaching, and people who love Lamei have begun to marinate and make sausages.

In Liuzhou City, Guangxi, many people choose to bottling sausages after buying pork because of the cumbersome and complicated process of sausage filling. An OEM merchant can fill up to a thousand catties a day during peak periods.

  [Explanation] On January 20th, in the Qingyun vegetable market in the city, people were choosing pork in front of a meat stall to use as sausage material.

After the people have selected the pork, the meat stall owner peels and cuts the pork to make it easier for the people to make sausages.

Ms. Xie, who bought it in front of the stall, said that this year she has successively purchased more than ten kilograms of pork to make sausages, dried them and sent them to her son who works in Sanjiang County.

  [Contemporary] Butcher stall owner Zhu Lisen

  (Sold) pork for more than 20 years, four pigs a day, sometimes five or six pigs.

I will provide them with pork, and (afterwards) I will introduce them to the (shop) that specializes in processing sausages, and there is a chef who specializes in processing sausages.

  [Concurrent] People who buy meat

  I am here this year. Master Zhuo bought fifteen catties (of pork) to make bacon and sausages.

  [Explanation] In the Qingyun Vegetable Market, there are four or five OEM sausage-filling merchants, each with a different taste.

A sausage OEM shop located in the market has been making local OEMs for 22 years, and the customer return rate is high. During the peak season of sausage filling, customers will come to make it at 6 am every morning.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Zhiming, owner of a OEM shop in Guangxi

  When there was a lot of people in December, people lined up here at six o'clock in the morning.

As for the ingredients, there are wine, sugar, salt, soy sauce, and a spice that we make. They all like the taste we make.

The price is (processing fee) 5 yuan (a catty) this year, and prices have risen. In previous years, it was 4 yuan (a catty) like last year.

  [Explanation] On the same day, the people sent the purchased pork to Zhou Zhiming’s shop. Zhou Zhiming broke the whole piece of pork, marinated the seasoning, etc., and provided the sausage casings. In less than five minutes, a piece weighing five kilograms The meat becomes a sausage with a length of more than ten meters.

It is understood that from December to January of the following year is the peak period for sausage filling. During this period, the sausage produced by Zhou Zhiming's OEM can be used for filling two thousand catties a day at the busiest time.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Zhiming, owner of a OEM shop in Guangxi

  December is the largest number of people. It is not clear how many people are in one day, but the number of catties is two thousand catties a day anyway, and we do the most (when).

It’s the end now. It’s two to three hundred catties a day, three to four hundred catties a day. What should be made (sausage) will be done this month and this year.

  Huang Lian reported from Guangxi Liuzhou

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]