Ferry Doedens sometimes earns 30,000 euros a month by publishing nude photos and videos on the OnlyFans website, says the thirty-year-old singer and actor in



Uploading nude material is, according to Doedens, a very pragmatic way to compensate for lost income during the corona crisis.

"I can honestly say that things are going well. I will get through the corona time. I have to say that I am also starting to enjoy it and have to be more and more creative. For my part I will do it for one or two years."

In addition, Doedens says he understands that some people have reacted upset to the racy photos and videos, but he points out that this fuss was also


by nude reports in magazines such as



Doedens has also just released a new single.

The fact that new music appears in this turbulent period is no disadvantage, according to Doedens: "It all overlaps nicely. It's good timing, but I had released the song now anyway."

London-based website OnlyFans makes it possible to upload explicit footage.

Subscribers pay 10 to 20 euros per month, but subscribe to a specific person and not to the total offer of the website.

The provider must pay 20 percent of the income to the website.