Many Dutch publishers have already shown interest in publishing work by Amanda Gorman.

The 22-year-old poet stood out on Wednesday with her speech at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.

Mo Literary Services, which owns Gorman's Dutch translation rights, says that several serious candidates have already registered on Thursday morning.

"Translated poetry is generally not very easy to sell in the Netherlands," said a spokesman.

"But Amanda does represent a new generation that stands out and certainly appeals to peers. You can now see, after her speech on Wednesday, how important social media can be in building an audience."

The American writer gained many hundreds of thousands of followers on social media in a few hours.

Both of her books made it straight into Amazon's bestseller list.

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Bundle is likely to be released earlier

Gorman's first collection will be released later this year and is called

The Hill We Climb


It is not yet clear when the book will be released exactly, chances are that the publication date will be brought forward, given the enthusiastic response to her nomination on Wednesday.

Later this year, another picture book of her hand,

Change Sings will be published.

Gorman has long been a big name in the United States.

For example, Oprah Winfrey is an avid lover of her work.

The 66-year-old presenter gave Gorman the yellow Prada coat, which the poet wore during the inauguration.


Amanda Gorman (22) recites a poem during Biden's inauguration