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Le Monde

had qualified as "error" the publication of one of his drawings on incest, which had shocked many Internet users.

In response, cartoonist Xavier Gorce announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he would no longer work for the newspaper.

“I am announcing that I immediately decide to stop working for



Personal, unilateral and final decision.

Freedom cannot be negotiated.

My designs will continue.

Other announcements to follow, ”said the designer of“ Indégivrables ”, who worked for a long time with the newspaper.

A drawing that should "not have been published"

The management of

Le Monde

apologized on Tuesday for one of his drawings circulated in a newsletter, which had aroused many reactions on social networks, acknowledging that it had been shocking and assuring that it should "not have been published ".

This drawing showed a young penguin asking a fellow creature, "If I have been abused by the adopted half-brother of my transgender father's partner who has become my mother, is that incest?"


Some social media users saw it as a form of transphobia and criticized the designer for making fun of incest victims, criticism he rejected outright on Twitter.

"This drawing can indeed be read as a relativization of the gravity of the acts of incest, in inappropriate terms vis-à-vis victims and transgender people", had for her part underlined the director of Le Monde, Caroline Monnot, in a message published on the daily's website.


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