In the case where parents in their 20s in Misato Town, Saitama Prefecture were arrested for leaving a three-month-old daughter who was poorly nourished and killed, the father responded to any investigation before the arrest by saying "amount of milk to drink. I hit my face with a baby bottle because there aren't many, "he said in an interview with an investigative official.

Hiroki Kanai (29) and his wife Azusa (28), who are unemployed in Misato Town, Saitama Prefecture, were poorly nourished because their fourth daughter, Kisora, who was three months old, was light in weight last September. Despite this, he was arrested on the 20th on suspicion of abandonment of the protection officer for letting him die without receiving medical treatment.

According to the investigators, Kisora ​​had a broken jaw, which made it difficult for her to drink milk and weakened her physical strength.

Regarding this injury, Kanai stated in a voluntary investigation before the arrest that he "struck his face with a baby bottle because he drinks a small amount of milk," according to an interview with an investigative official. I understand.

The police are investigating the situation at that time in detail, saying that he said, "I didn't want to be caught for abuse and didn't take him to the hospital" in response to the investigation after the arrest.