China News Service, Yantai, January 20 (Yang Bing Wang Jiaoni) The reporter has just learned from the rescue headquarters of the Qixia Gold Mine explosion accident in Shandong that that evening, a critically injured miner trapped in the middle section of 5 has no signs of life.

  It is reported that the rescuers communicated with the trapped miners in the 5th section of the underground mine by telephone and repeatedly confirmed that a critically injured miner in the 5th section has no signs of life.

According to the report of the underground miner, the miner was hit to the head in the explosion of the return air shaft and was seriously injured. He has been in a deep coma for the past two days.

According to medical experts’ recommendations, the miner was given some assistance within his capacity, but his condition did not improve due to serious injuries.

  At present, 8 of the trapped miners in the middle of the 5th stage are in relatively stable physical condition, and the 2 who were previously unwell still feel weak.

  According to reports from underground miners, there have been two explosions underground, and the specific situation is still being further understood and confirmed.