Outgoing US President Donald Trump has made sure that Lil Wayne does not go back to prison with a presidential pardon.

The rapper would be told at the end of January whether he had to serve a ten-year prison sentence, but by grace that is no longer the case.

Lil Wayne was arrested in December 2019 when it appeared that he was carrying a loaded weapon.

The rapper had previously been convicted and by carrying the golden gun broke the terms of his release.

The rapper has spoken out clearly about his political affiliation during the 2020 election and hoped more people would vote for Trump.

In the last days of an outgoing president, prisoners or people who may be in prison are often pardoned.

Kodak Black, who was sentenced to three years in prison at the end of 2019 for possession of weapons, is allowed to leave the prison earlier by the grace of Trump.

Joe Exotic, known from the Netflix reality series

Tiger King,

expected a presidential pardon after Trump promised to watch it.

However, he was not pardoned.

Exotic, who is actually called Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is serving a 22-year prison sentence for assaulting and killing animals and plotting the murder of his rival Carole Baskin.