China News Service, Macau, January 20th, title: Helping Guizhou Congjiang out of poverty, the Macau Red Cross leaves a string of "fraternity"

  Author: Longtu have small Yan Lai

  "With the support of all sectors of society, the Macao Red Cross continued to promote poverty alleviation work in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province last year, and launched the second phase of the aid project with an amount of 5.29 million yuan (RMB, the same below). There is currently one The primary school renovation project and 1 health station have been completed, and 3 kindergartens are under construction."

  On the evening of January 19, Huang Rukai, chairman of the Central Committee of the Macao Red Cross, introduced to the media the situation of helping Guizhou Congjiang to get rid of poverty.

  Congjiang is located in the hinterland of Moon Mountain in the impoverished mountainous area on the border of Guizhou and Guizhou.

  In March 2018, the Party Central Committee and the State Council handed over Jiang’s poverty alleviation task to Macau.

After hearing the news, the Macau Red Cross signed two batches of 15 assistance project agreements with the Guizhou Provincial Red Cross in accordance with the principle of combining “needs from the river” and “the director of Macau”, involving education, medical care and other fields, and accumulated assistance The capital is 12 million yuan.

  For children to go to school nearby

  Recently, teachers and students from Jiang Jiuyue Macau Red Cross Boai Primary School received a New Year cake set from Liu Yiliang, a representative of the National People’s Congress and president of the Macau Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.

  Beginning in 2019, on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, Liu Yiliang will send gifts to Jiuyue teachers and students, and all teachers, students and employees of the school will have a copy.

  The Association of Returned Overseas Chinese of Macau became associated with Jiuyue Primary School, which began with the aid project of the Macau Red Cross.

  Jiuyue Village is only 60 kilometers away from the county seat, but the winding road takes more than 3 hours.

Due to limited resources, most local children need to go to a central school far away. They travel long distances every day and the learning conditions are very difficult.

  In order to solve the problem of children going to school nearby, Liu Yiliang ignored the bumps on the mountain road and led a team to inspect and select a site in Congjiang three times.

As the first group of associations to assist in the construction of the Macau Red Cross platform, the Association of Returned Overseas Chinese of Macau contributed 2 million yuan to build the Jiuyue Macau Overseas Chinese General Red Cross Boai Primary School, and the Macau social service community invested 700,000 yuan to assist the construction of Congjiang Changzhai Macau The Red Cross Fraternity Kindergarten in the social service sector.

  In 2019, both of these two projects were completed. Children who had to walk several kilometers to school every day can finally enjoy high-quality educational resources at their doorstep.

  The doctor is here

  Just after New Year's Day this year, a group of dentists from the Macau Jinghu Hospital hurried to Congjiang.

  During this trip, they will conduct general inspection and treatment of oral diseases for 700 preschool children in three kindergartens in Congjiang County.

These children in mountainous areas grew up so old that they knew for the first time that their teeth would also get sick.

  The preschool children's medical service plan of Macau Jinghu Hospital started in the summer of 2019.

The leaders of the hospital led a delegation to conduct an in-depth field trip from Jiang for a month and found that the prevalence of dental caries among children aged 3 to 6 was 90%, and that of severely young children was as high as 60%, which was much higher than the result of the fourth national caries epidemiological survey.

  Therefore, Macau Jinghu Hospital negotiated with the Macau Red Cross and determined that starting from 2020, Congjiang County Kindergarten will be used as a test site to complete a series of comprehensive assistance such as oral disease screening, treatment and evaluation for at least 3,000 children aged 3 to 6 years. Help work.

  In the process of poverty alleviation, poverty due to illness and return to poverty due to illness occur from time to time.

Only by providing high-quality and convenient medical and health services can we build a "health line of defense" for poverty alleviation.

  In order to improve medical conditions in impoverished mountainous areas, the Macao Red Cross has assisted in the construction of 9 health stations in Congjiang and Liping, which have been completed and put into use.

  In the health station, waiting rooms, diagnosis rooms, pharmacies, infusion rooms, and dispensing rooms are all available, which meets the basic needs of villagers for medical treatment and realizes the convenient medical conditions of "small illnesses cannot leave the village".

  Fix the Convenience Bridge

  The transportation between villages and towns in the mountainous areas of Guizhou mostly relies on mountain roads and small bridges built by villagers for generations. These bridges have been in disrepair for a long time, which not only restricts local economic development, but also brings great inconvenience to villagers’ travel.

  In the rainy season every year, the rushing river water soars, and can even rise tens of centimeters above the bridge deck.

In order to go to school, several children were washed away by the river.

  The Macau Red Cross learned through field investigations that the original Huangoudong Bridge in Zhongchao Town, Liping County, was an important way to connect the four surrounding natural villages. Due to lack of funds, the original bridge was designed and constructed unreasonably.

During the rainy season, floods block traffic.

In order to solve the problem of difficult travel for villagers, the Macau Red Cross quickly allocated 500,000 yuan to rebuild the Oudong Bridge in Shanghuang Village.

  The project is expected to be completed in March this year. After completion, it will focus on solving the plight of more than 1,300 people wading across the river during the rainy season in the four natural villages of Shanghuang Village.

  Wu Guohuai, the director of Shanghuang Village's public security, used to be on duty at Oudong Bridge every rainy season and was responsible for the safety of villagers' travel.

Seeing the bridge that was about to pass through, he told the author: "When the bridge is repaired, the children can get out of school and leave school safely. I no longer have to roll up my trouser legs to work in the river."

  "Humanity, fraternity and dedication" are the spirit of the World Red Cross.

The Macau Red Cross has a century-old history in helping Guizhou Congjiang get rid of poverty. It has continuously practiced the spirit of the Red Cross and spread "fraternity" in every corner of Congjiang.